Authorities warn of power means “battering RAM”

Authorities warn clearly in front of the power means of the “battering RAM”. The ingestion of the product could lead to considerable health problems, told the government Presidium of Tübingen on Thursday evening. In the worst case, a fatal effect would be possible.

The product is advertised as a natural dietary Supplement. According to a description on the Internet it is supposedly mostly made of glucose syrup, honey, Pollen and various spices. The improved blood flow to the Penis should go back to Ginkgo.

In fact, a battering RAM contain increased dosages of the chemical active ingredient Sildenafil, warns the government Bureau. “The taking of the Agent can lead to significant health problems and in the worst case, have lethal effect,” – said in a statement.

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Especially dangerous in heart-, liver – or kidney problems

Sildenafil is used in erection problems, it is also the active ingredient of Viagra, for example, tablets. Men will receive the funds in Germany only after a medical prescription. In the prescription drugs, the quantities of the active ingredient to be controlled – as with all medicines strictly.

It is overdosed, Sildenafil can lead to dangerous side effects. Especially men with heart, liver or kidney disease are at risk. “Persons who have acquired the means “battering RAM” to receive or be asked to dispose of these funds by the house of garbage”, – stated in the message of the government Presidium.

That sexual enhancer in Germany are prescription-only, apart from potential side effects another reason is that erectile dysfunction can signal serious health problems. For this reason, it is important to have the cause of a doctor to clarify.

Circulatory disorders, for example, are one of the main causes of erectile dysfunction. In the case of the Affected calcified blood prevent vessels that the Penis is adequately supplied with blood. The calcified blood vessels but can also affect other regions of the body and the risk for heart attack or stroke increase.