Ali Fedotowsky-Manno Says Readers' Comments on Her Blog Post About Having a Nanny Made Her Cry

It takes a village to raise kids, and Ali (Fedotwosky) Manno isn’t afraid to admit it.

In a blog post published on Wednesday, the Bachelorette alum, 34, outlined the different people in her life that help her raise her kids and shared that she and husband Kevin Manno recently hired a nanny to help out as well with their two kids, Molly, 2, and Riley, who turned 1 in May.

But in her Instagram Stories on Friday, Ali revealed that some of the comments on the post were so hurtful that they made her cry.

“I just cried my eyes out reading some comments on my blog,” Ali said in her story on her way to a workout class. The former reality star went on to say that she wrote the blog post to be transparent with her readers, with the hope that moms who don’t have the resources she does know that her life isn’t as perfect as it might seem on social media.

“Even though it looks like I was doing it all on social media, like my hair done nice, and makeup done, and you know, running my site and working on a show, and having my kids look all put together, like it wasn’t just me,” she said. “Like I don’t want them to scroll through Instagram and see that and think that they should be doing that too.”

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“Anyway I just want to say I know how lucky I am,” she added. “I know that I’m lucky that I’ve gotten to a place where I can finally breathe and go to workout class and get a little bit of help. And I know not all moms can.”

“I know that sometimes your help is your kids going to school so you can work the hardest job ever so you can come home and be exhausted and be a mom again,” she continued. “I know you don’t get to go to workout classes. I know this. And I’m sorry if my blog didn’t come across that way.”

“I just wanted to help people and make people not feel like what they see on social media from me or from other bloggers is what they should be living up to, because I’m not perfect, and I’m sorry,” she concluded.

Ali’s blog post, titled “I HAVE HELP- AND GASP, EVEN A NANNY!” garnered more than 250 comments with varying reactions from readers.

While many comments were supportive — “It is absolutely ok to have help and a career! We all can only do our best and what feels right for us,” one commenter wrote — others were more judgmental.

“Something just rubbed me the wrong way about this read,” one reader commented. “I just know that the average Mom would kill to have the amount of help you have.”

“It came off as very inauthentic and defensive,” another reader wrote of the post.

“Wow! What a rant. I think it is sad that you feel the need to explain yourself and your need for help to anybody. It’s your life and your business. You don’t need a 8 paragraph blog post to justify getting help,” said yet another.

In response to a reader who wrote that they felt Ali was misrepresenting herself as a stay-at-home mom, the TV personality said, “I was just trying to convey that I am a work from home mom – so I am working and being a mom from home. I didn’t want people to be upset thinking I was trying to make it seem like I have to leave the house to go to a job.”

The commenter responded, saying that they understood Ali’s message: “No worries, everyone does what works for them and you are so lucky to have Kevin and that he has a job that allows him to also be hand[s] on.”

One particularly rude commenter wrote, “Ali, im glad you hired someone to help with your ‘business’. Hopefully she will take over your blog full time and can put a stop to these ridiculous blog posts … Life seems really hard for you. Everything is a complaint. Maybe being a mom wasn’t your calling.”

Ali responded, saying, “I wish you well. Truly.”

But several other readers came to Ali’s defense in response to the hurtful comment.

“I’m sorry but comments like this are just rude. You may not like the content of her blog and feel they are not interesting topics, however there are many of us who LOVE her blog,” another reader said.

“Ali, You ARE an amazing momma! Keep doing what you’re doing! DO NOT waste your energy on the negativity. Thanks for being so real. I love watching your sweet family grow up! XO” another reader wrote.

Several commenters expressed shock at the rude comments.

“When I read this persons comment my mouth DROPPED,” one reader wrote. “How dare she as a mother say that to another mother. Ali I know your strong enough to dismiss that comment but I’m sure it hurt. People will always say rude things to make themselves feel better.”

Ali has been transparent in the past about the difficulties of juggling multiple jobs with raising two kids and being a wife to Kevin, 35.

“I’ve been crying all morning not only from what I posted earlier, but I lost my mind on Molly this morning — like, screamed at her. It was probably my least proud moment as a mom ever,” she said on Instagram in May. “I’m embarrassed to share it, but I feel like not to share it would be fake. … I feel so horrible about it.”

She went on to share that everything ended up working out, but she felt the need to share with her followers.

“I don’t have any profound message here,” she said. “I just needed to write it down & felt like sharing it to I keep myself accountable and hopefully help others who have felt this way. Tomorrow I’ll be better ❤️”

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