Nikkie Tutorials Gave Adele a Half Face of Makeup in Her Latest Video

Nikkie Tutorials is pretty much the Queen of glam makeup; it's no wonder that she's amassed over 13 million followers on YouTube alone. Many people were first introduced to Nikkie in 2015 when her Power of Makeup video went viral. In it, Nikkie applies makeup products to half of her face to show how makeup can transform the face and to talk candidly about how beauty is a place for experimentation and fun. Since then, she's turned Power of Makeup into a series, inviting the likes of Kim Kardashian and Drew Barrymore to get their makeup (half) done by Nikkie while she interviews them. The latest celebrity to join in is the talented singer Adele. 

The video, which debuted on December 2, follows the familiar format: Nikkie chats with the Taurus singer about her album, fame, and, of course makeup, all while glamming up just 50 percent of Adele's face. Nikkie's interview chops (and foundation blending skills) are immediately apparent, as she kicks off not with a typical question but instead dives right into what you probably haven't even realized you've been wondering:  "Does Adele still feel like your own name?" 

The conversation continues like this with Nikkie asking a new question with each new layer of makeup. Of course, this is Nikkie Tutorials we are talking about, so you know the final look will be great no matter what. It's the "Someone Like You" singer's candid thoughts about her relationship to makeup, fame, and everything in between that'll keep you sucked in for the full 29 minutes and 50 seconds. 

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Some key learnings: While Adele enjoys makeup, especially eyeliner, she doesn't consider herself adept at it at all. She swears she can't apply makeup products, especially lip liner and lashes, to save her life, but she loves a good brow, manicure, and of course a cat-eye. "I think a brow and a nail, and you're ready to go," she says in the video. She actually keeps her eyebrows dyed a dark brown color, and even learned how to dye them at home once the pandemic began and she couldn't get them done by a professional. She swears she looks like Voldemort without her dyed brows because of how fair they are. 

Adele also reveals that she loves her nails so much — which are a pretty almond-shape in some sort of animal print (I'll put my money on leopard or tortoise) — that when the time came to choose between keeping her lengthy manicures and playing guitar, she stuck with the tips. We definitely understand, Adele. 

There are more vulnerable moments as well, as when Adele hints at the more negative aspects of her global fame. Even something as simple as going to a grocery store, which she loves, is hard for her now because of adoring fans. "The more success you come into the more everything else falls apart," she shares. "It's hard to really get a balance, and it's quite terrifying sometimes living those things in public." Her key to avoiding it all is being a recluse which is why she'll disappear for five years or so at a time.

By the end of the video, one half of Adele's face is completely covered in glam makeup with a thick cat eye, shimmery eyeshadow, and falsies that make her eyes pop. As Adele puts it, she has "such great eyes for makeup," and Nikkie wholeheartedly agrees. We also learn a lot more about the singer who has talked fairly candidly about her recent divorce and her son. Despite it all, it's her son and the two new golden doodles she owns that have kept her grounded throughout this time. 

Check out the full video to see the full makeup transformation.  


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