Hot Topic Made a Blockbuster Palette for Everyone Born Before the Age of Netflix

The video rental chain many of us remember fondly from our childhoods might be dead and long-gone, but Blockbuster lives on forever in the form of makeup, apparently. Hot Topic, the same retailer that previously delivered Polly Pocket, Friends, and Clueless beauty lines, is now bringing the masses another punch of much-needed 1990s nostalgia with an eye shadow palette themed around the beloved blue-and-yellow VHS tapes of our youths. 

The outer packaging of the palette itself looks so much like an actual Blockbuster rental tape that, if you caught a glance of it at the right angle, you might think it literally was one. But inside lie 12 seriously vibrant matte eye shadow shades, in blue, yellow, green, white, black, and neutral hues. Reading their names out loud will transport you right back to Blockbuster's genre-categorized aisles: New Releases, Adventure, Classics, Drama, Family, Sci-Fi, Comedy, Fantasy, Cartoon, Horror, Action, Television. 

As someone who worked at Hot Topic for two years during college (true story, and it was actually very fun), I am wildly familiar with these kinds of palettes and their quality. If you're looking for a palette with MAC- or Natasha Denona-level pigment or blend-ability, this is not for you — however, if you love collecting cooky stuff to admire on your shelves and maybe use every now and then, you'll find a winner here. Besides, Hot Topic always keeps its eye shadow palette selection on the affordable end; this Blockbuster palette only costs $14. 

Visit to purchase the Blockbuster eye shadow palette and check in-store availability. Otherwise, have fun reminiscing about the time you begged your parents to rent Jumanji for the fourth time. 

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